That’s okay. I am.

Psalm 120:1-In my distress I cried unto the Lord, and He heard me.  (KJV) 

Psalm 17:6-I call on You, God because You will answer me; listen closely to

me; hear what I say. (HCSB)


I am having so much fun today, Lord, sipping my coffee and coloring with my granddaughter.  I don’t even know who the characters in this coloring book are supposed to be!  I’m just using crayons that I think are pretty.  Now she wants me to help her draw.  I say to her “I’m not good at drawing.”  Her reply is, “That’s okay.  I am.  You can help me think of what to do.”  I am struck at how much You say that to me!  I say “Lord, I’m not strong enough to do this.” And You say “That’s okay.  I am.”  I say “Lord, I can’t be there to help with that situation.” And You say, “That’s okay.  I am.”   I say “Lord, I’m not able to provide what they need.” And You say, “That’s okay.  I am.”  You don’t need me to help You think of what to do, but You allow me to come to You with my thoughts and wishes and wants.  Sometimes I know I try to help You too much.  Like with the coloring book, I don’t know all the facts of the characters involved so I just color it all with what I think are pretty colors.  Then I turn to You and say “I’m not able to fix this.  And You say “That’s okay.  I am.” One day I came to You and said “I can’t pay for my sins.” And You said “That’s okay.  I already did.”  Thank You, Jesus.


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