Sing and Tell

1 Chronicles 16:9 – Sing to Him; sing praise to Him;
tell about all His wonderful works!


As I drink my coffee this morning, I remember when we were first married my husband would start the day off singing.  I love songs and I love to sing, but I had to explain to him that first came coffee, then singing!  I like to sing songs the way they are written, and I make up songs for my grandkids.  We sing about hot drinks.  We sing music notes jumbleabout traffic lights — we have a red light song, a green light song, and even a yellow light song.  We have a going to the beach song and a riding the waves song.  We have a tiger song for my grandson and a bumblebee song for my granddaughter. We even have a brushing teeth song.  My grandson once told his mom “My Granny knows a song for EVERYTHIING”!  My favorite songs are praise songs, and my favorite praise song says “sing with me”.  I love singing praises to God, singing to thank Him, singing to tell of His mercy and greatness.  There is a song that just says “sing, sing, sing” and that’s what I love to do.  Singing is fun.  Singing is universal.  Studies have shown that the brain holds on longer to information that is set to music.  Singing is a wonderful thing.  But………singing about God isn’t enough.  In the Holman Christian Bible, I Chronicles 16:9 says “sing to Him, sing praise to Him, tell about His wonderful works”.  Sing TO Him.  Sing ABOUT Him.  But sing and then tell.  Singing is wonderful but not enough.  Sing about His wonderful works, but also tell what He has done and is doing in your life.  Sing of his mercy, but also tell how that mercy has made a difference in your life.  Sing of His greatness, but also tell how He answers your prayers.  Singing is good.  Singing is fun.   But I also need to tell what the Creator and Savior of the world means to me!


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