Soup, Macaroni, and a Clean Heart

Psalm 51:10 – God, create a clean heart for me and renew a steadfast spirit within me (HCSB)

Matthew 5:8 – Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. (NIV)


As I am sitting and waiting for my friend so that we can have that much anticipated cup (or two) of coffee, a woman walks by with a can of soup and a box of macaroni in her purse.  Seriously?  Of all the things a woman can carry in her purse – a can of soup and a box of macaroni?  That thought led me to thoughts of some of the unusual things I have stuffed in my purse.  I have carried books, electronics, diapers, shoes, purseand even snacks.  My aunt always carried a soft drink in her purse.  I have a friend who is afraid of the dark and therefore always has a flashlight …… and not a pin light either but one of those huge flashlights!  Depending on the age of the child, there can be anything in a mom’s purse from band-aids to dirty tissues to broken crayons and ALWAYS a sandwich bag of cereal!  Sometimes women will clean out their purses and find great treasures of missing jewelry, extra money, or even old food (thanks kids!).  We can let our purses get so filled with junk that there’s no room for the essentials.  Then I started thinking of how we can let our hearts get so filled with junk that there’s no room for essentials.  What would it be like, Lord, if I had a clean heart?  In Psalm 51:10, David asks for You to create for him a clean heart and a steadfast spirit.  A clean heart.  A heart without resentment.  A heart of love for the things You love.  A steadfast spirit. A spirit that is unchanging.  A spirit of living in Your plan.  Max Lucado is quoted as saying “You change your life by changing your heart.”  Ezekiel 36:26 says that You will give me a clean heart and put a new spirit in me.  Both Psalm 111:10 and Proverbs 1: 7 tell me that the beginning of knowledge is in the reverence and respect of You. Lord, please give me a clean heart.  Give me a new spirit.  Change my life by changing my heart. I know that things would be much easier to find if my purse was clean.  I want it to be easier for people to find You because my heart is clean.


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