I Want the Credit!!

Colossians 3:23 – Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men (HCSB)

walkingI’ve been keeping a record of the number of steps I take each day, so this morning I take my last swallow of coffee and prepare to put in my number from yesterday.  I pull up my fancy pedometer app on my phone, put in yesterday’s date, and come up with ……….zero.  According to the pedometer, I took zero steps yesterday.  None.  Nothing.  A big goose egg.  No credit for my walk around the neighborhood.  No credit for trips up and down the stairs.  All that for nothing!  It never showed up so I get no credit.  Lord, I am so disappointed.  I’m so discouraged.  All that and I get no credit!  Isn’t that how we sometimes are when we work for You, Lord?  Even though You tell us that You see our work and that You will reward us, we want rewards here!  We want recognition now!  We want people to know how hard we work!  We want them to pat us on the back and tell the world how wonderful we are, and it is really horrible when others accept the recognition that should have gone to us!  When this happens to me, my selfish thoughts start to bubble……., “Nobody knows how hard I worked.  Look at all I did for them and they don’t care!”   My feelings go from “I can’t believe this” to “It’s not fair” and on and on.  Father, I am so humbled because I think of You.  I think of what you did for us and people don’t even care.  I think of what a humble servant You were.  I think of Matthew 6:1 and how I have had times of working simply to be seen by and rewarded by people but gave no thought or honor to You.  Father, help me to be more like Matthew 5:16 and shine before others so that You may receive the glory.  Earthly recognition is nice and makes us feel good, but earthly recognition isn’t lasting and isn’t always fair.  We all need positive reinforcement, and I thank You, Lord, that to receive recognition from You is so much better than anything any person could give us.  We all like to hear other people say “atta boy”, but it will be so much better to hear You say  “well done good and faithful servant.”


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