No Thanks Necessary or None Given?

1 Thessalonians 5:18 – Give thanks in everything, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (HCSB

thanks-1095396-sMy husband read somewhere that a husband should thank his wife for going out with him when they go to the movies or to a restaurant or whatever.  Trust me, at our house he does not need to thank me for going out to eat!  He may want to thank me for not running him over as I race to the car, but he doesn’t need to thank me for eating out.  Let’s see — looking at a menu instead of planning a meal; telling someone what I want rather than having to cook it; walking away instead of washing dishes – I’m good, no thanks necessary!  As I’m enjoying my cup of coffee this morning and remembering last night’s dinner out, I begin to think about the idea of giving thanks.  Some people are really good about sending thank you notes, some just don’t do it.  It is embarrassing and frustrating to me when I need to know if a gift was received and am forced to ask!  I have a friend who believes that if anyone gives her a gift of any kind, it is because God laid it on that person’s heart, so she never thanks the giver for they were just doing what God told them to do.  True, but a little thanks goes a long way and people want to feel appreciated.  Do You feel that way about Your people, Lord?  You bless us in so many ways everyday, and we take the blessing and walk away without even a thought of thanksgiving and no mention of appreciation. Psalm 107:1 says to give thanks to You because You are so good to us, but are we being like those people who irritate us because their lack of acknowledgement seems to dismiss our gift? Luke 17:11-19 tells us about ten lepers.  Am I more like the nine who walked away with my blessing or the one who gave thanks?  Psalm 105: 1-2 tells us to not only give thanks to You but to tell people how wonderful You are.  Do I tell everyone I see about a nice gift a person gave me but keep silent about the amazing gifts from You?   Lord, I come before You today giving thanks for all of the ways You bless me and giving special thanks for the gift of Your Son. Today as I enjoy the gift of life, I will not only give thanks to You but also tell of Your wonderful greatness.


One thought on “No Thanks Necessary or None Given?

  1. Nothing changed my prayer life more than practicing giving thanks in ALL things, it is simply amazing how much there is to be thankful for and in how acknowledging these things you “hand back” to the Lord control for every situation you find yourself in.

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