Accepting in Love

Ephesians 4:2 – with all humility and gentleness, with patience, accepting one another in love, (HCSB)

People say all kinds of things to the ones they love, but I never understood the concept of not saying “I’m sorry” to someone you love. There are people who promote the idea you would never purposely hurt the one you love so apologizing is unnecessary. Sometimes love is such a wonderful thing and the person you love is so absolutely perfect you cannot imagine either of you ever doing anything to feel sorry about. What more could you possibly need when you have this embodiment of perfection to love and who loves you back? When I walked so boldly and confidently down the aisle to meet my prince charming, I was 21 and he was 22. We were both so naïve while thinking we were so mature. I went from my parents’ house to my college dorm to a husband. I had never paid my own bills, worked a public job, or cooked a meal. Yet I felt totally confident to stand in front of a church filled with family and friends and make a vow to take care of this cute guy for the rest of my life, no matter what or when or how life came at us. Then he looked me in the eyes and made the same promises to me with no doubt of the bright and blissful future to come. Although we promised “in sickness and in health”, we were too young, healthy, and energized to ever imagine the possibility that one day we would be older, sick, and just plain weary. We would rent our newlywed home, make payments on our cars, and work just to make ends meet, but we promised to support each other forever. Now we look back and laugh at those two foolish people. That man at whom I looked with such awe is not so awesome when I’m picking up his dirty socks. He sometimes says the wrong thing (or nothing at all). He sometimes misses my hints (even though the clues were so obvious). He sometimes has bad breath (and other body odors). There are times when his radiant bride of the wedding day is not such a ray of sunshine either. Time has shown neither of us is perfect, and even though the days may not always be delightful, the years can be.


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