Just Copy

Ephesians 5:1 – Therefore, be imitators of God, as dearly loved children. (HCSB)

Some people think that my granddaughter looks like me; some have doubts. She has a way of using her eyes to leave no uncertainty about her feelings, and no one doubts that “look” came from me! I am thankful everyday that she inherited my “look” rather than my artistic talent – she has an abundance, I have none. I love the idea of Bible journaling with drawings, but every animal, plant, and person I draw looks like a tick. I stared with admiration (and occasionally drooled with envy) at the artwork others added to their Bible pages. I tried to compensate with stickers — close but not the same. One day I attended a class where an amazingly talented lady illustrated Bible verses as she talked. I was thinking of my failed journeys down the dark path of Bible journaling when she handed me a copy of her work and gave light with the words “Just copy what I have done.” I didn’t have to do it alone! There was no need for me to struggle through continued failure; I had a perfect plan to copy. Isn’t it that way with our walk with Jesus? Charles Spurgeon said, “The Christian should take nothing short of Christ for his model.” It is not necessary to stumble down the dark path of continued failure; Jesus said He is the light (John 8:12). Many things in this world are “almost Jesus” or “close to being like Jesus” but “close” is not the same. It would be foolish of me not to accept the perfect Bible journaling plan. Isn’t it even more foolish not to accept the perfect Savior?


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