Plans Don’t Equal Control


1 Chronicles 16:11 – Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always (NIV)

I am a planner who thrives on making a list. I have an ongoing To Do list and sometimes a daily To Do list. I especially love those big check marks that signify the job is done and I have been known to add a completed chore to the list just so I can mark it off!  I have a calendar with huge blocks filled with eye-catching multicolored commitments because I am not simply a planner, I am an organized planner. I shop with a list and the most efficient route mapped out for my errands, but I am not rigid in my plans should a friend surprise me with a “let’s go out” call!  Sometimes surprises are like a warm hug – an unexpected gift, a dinner invitation after a long day, a spontaneous day out with friends.  Sometimes surprises are more like a fall down the stairs. One Friday my mom was admitted to the hospital for a night of simple observation. I went to visit her, planning to possibly stay the week-end but as my mom’s prognosis changed, so did my plans. My possible one week-end became a definite two weeks. During those two weeks I felt more scattered than organized, more chaos than control, but also during those two weeks I understood the truth of the old hymn that says “where could I go but to the Lord?” or as 1 Chronicles 16:11 puts it “Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always”. Seek His face. Remember His wonders. Know that my lists and my plans, no matter how organized or how many checks, can never replace the peace that comes with knowing God is in control.


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