The Burning Fire of Blame

James 3:5 – So too, though the tongue is a small part of the body, it boasts great things. Consider how large a forest a small fire ignites. (HCSB)

Proverbs 28:13 – The one who conceals his sins will not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them will find mercy. (HCSB)

Recently a very high profile person said something she shouldn’t have said. She came in on a conversation and commented without knowing the back-story. When an apology was demanded, her friends came to her defense by blaming the listener. Why do humans feel the need to blame instead of just apologizing? Robert Kiyosaki said, “Its human nature to blame someone for your shortcomings or upsets.” James 3:5 compares the damage that can be done with words to the damage that can be done by a fire. When my brother was a small boy, he and his friend heard that rubbing sticks together could start a fire. They decided that the best place to test this theory was in a field of straw. At the moment when a spark ignited the straw, it could have easily been extinguished. Instead, two small boys were overcome by the thought of getting in trouble, so they found a hiding spot and concluded their best option was to place the blame on a roving band of cowboys. While they were shifting the blame, a fire was roaring out of control. What damage could have been avoided had they had just acknowledged their mistake and not tried to pass the blame! Somehow humans feel that blaming others relieves us of the sin. Rather than admit that we made a mistake, took a regrettable action, said something we shouldn’t have said, we rely on passing the blame onto someone else. Even our apologies pass the blame — “I shouldn’t have reacted that way, but he made me mad” or “I probably could have said that another way, but she is just too sensitive.” In Genesis 3:12-13, Adam blames Eve (and even blames God for creating her in the first place) and Eve blames the serpent. What damage could have been avoided had they acknowledged their mistake and not tried to pass the blame! Lord, I know that like my brother’s small spark in a field a straw, my words can cause things to get of out of control. Rather than accuse and conceal, help me to acknowledge and confess. What damages can be avoided if I would just acknowledge my mistakes and not try to pass the blame


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