He Knows Me

pumpkinGenesis 1:14 – And God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night. And let them be for signs and for seasons, and for days and years, (ESV)

I’m walking through my house, sipping my pumpkin flavored coffee, and surveying all my decorating work. I love that Fall allows me to trade the vibrant hues of flower blossoms for the more subdued colors of pumpkins and mums. I love that the days are still warm enough for flip-flops but cool enough for a sweater. I love the kaleidoscope of trees outside my kitchen window. I love how the burgundy tablecloth drapes over the dining room table and provides the perfect backdrop for my grandmother’s china. I love getting out the “old” decorations and maybe trying to put them someplace “new” (and then putting them back “where they belong”). My taste buds appreciate the pumpkin flavoring that begins to appear in everything from cheesecake to coffee creamer, and I try to convince myself that limited availability justifies excessive consumption. A candle fills the house with the smell of maple, and I take joy in all of these sights, tastes, and smells. As I think about my love for this season, I am overwhelmed that God has known my thoughts since the beginning of time. When He separated the light from the darkness He knew that I would enjoy the activities of the day and also the time of relaxation that comes with the night. When He made dry land appear and gathered the waters into seas, He knew that I would find contentment and pleasure in walking on the beach and watching the waves. When He filled the earth with fruits, vegetables, and livestock, He knew what would be my favorites. In Psalm 139 David says that God knows me, and Jeremiah 1:5 tells me that God not only knows me now but knew me before I was even in my mother’s womb. He knows when I sit down and when I get up so He knows how I like to snuggle under the covers on a chilly night and how I dislike leaving those warm covers on a chilly morning. He knows my thoughts so He knows I love a sunny day with a nip in the air. He knows my ways so He knows I love the taste of pumpkin and the changing colors of the trees. What a wondrous God we serve! How can I do less than rejoice in Him always (Philippians 4:4)?


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